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"Brak Presents The Brak Album Starring Brak" Official Crew Member by JGManRulz

This is my second Brak inspired design, which would be like an interpretation of a shirt a “crew member” would wear during production of the Brak Album. It’s a funny album, for anyone who’s never heard it.

Brak - El Brakiachi by JGManRulz

Brak design for all true Space Ghost fan. I’m about to do a couple Brak designs. This is inspired by the Brak variety show on Cartoon Network in early 2000. “Brak Presents The Brak Show Starring Brak”

WWE/Wrestling by JGManRulz

This is my work on Redbubble with some custom designs that are WWE related. I’m trying to raise some money here to buy my first car and to fund my big summer video project, so that is what all profits are going to. I’ve already gotten orders on The Ultimate Warrior design, the DX design, and the Hulk Hogan design. Thank you. 

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