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WWE Magazine Cover Collection - Jeff Hardy Edition

I use to have (and still do) a subscription to WWE Magazine, and I was a huge fan of Jeff Hardy from the time he came back to WWE in 2006 all the way until he left the company again in 2009. I had all his action figures, I would watch his new and old matches on YouTube all the time, and I had all the magazines he was on the cover of separated from the rest. So now that I need to raise some money in order to get my first ever car, and knowing how big people were into Jeff Hardy back in the day, I thought I can probably sell the issues that highlighted Jeff. Please contribute to the cause and own these Jeff Hardy editions of WWE Magazine.

WWE Magazine - Special Issue 2006 (The 51 Worst Offenders in WWE History)

This was probably one of the greatest issues of WWE Magazine since it came back in 2006, so it’s definitely going to be hard to part with this one, but I need to sell anything and everything so I can buy my first car. This list is so accurate and uncanny, you wouldn’t even think it’s been compiled by the WWE. 

WWE - Triple H: The King of Kings (DVD, 2008, 2-Disc Set)

Deluxe edition of the 2008 release on Triple H’s career, virtually brand new. My brother accidentally took the plastic wrap off of it when I first received it a number of years ago, but I already had one copy, so I never used this copy for anything. Scratchless and a very good story. I need the money from this sale for my first car, so if you could help, that’d be great.

WWE Magazine - September 2011 (101 WWE Secrets Revealed!!)

Magazine in pretty good condition, a special issue from late 2011, featuring 101 “secrets” about the WWE. It was a pretty good read, but I’ve already been through it so many times, so I’m ready to part with it. And if I can even make a few dollars from this issue so I can buy my very first car, then that’s just what I have to do.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe (DVD, 2006, Full

I know you remember might remember this from our childhoods, but for the unfamiliar, this is the first movie in The Chronicles Of Narnia film series. I had gotten this on DVD years and years ago, and I watched this one time and it’s just been sitting in my room, gathering dust. So I cleaned it up and am selling it now for cheap so I can afford my first car.

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